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3. Litramine™ prevents the absorption of fatty acids in the small intestines

A study to determine the fat binding capacity of the fibres from Opuntia ficus-indica using the TIM** model. 2g of the fibres from Opuntia ficus-indica were added to a standardised meal.

“The fibres from Opuntia ficus-indica prevented the absorption of 28.3% (2.7g) of total fatty acids”

Section Reference:
Smeets-Peeters MJE & Minekus M.* 2001

**The TNO intestinal model (TIM), is the most recent and most sophisticated of all in vitro models ever developed. The models have been extensively validated based on data from clinical and animal studies. Various studies that have been performed using TIM are well documented in literature. TIM simulates very closely the successive dynamic conditions in the gastrointestinal tract (pH curves, concentration of enzymes, bile salts and kinetics of chyme).

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